HP SSD S700 2.5″ 120GB-500GB

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Key Features…

High-speed read and write, up to 520MB/s, faster than the mechanical hard disk.

No noise, solid-state drives without mechanical motor and fan, work noise value is 0db.

Good at shockproof protection, in the case of high-speed mobile even with flip tilt also won’t affect the normal use, and in the case of collisions and shocks to minimise the possibility of data loss.

Feature lightweight, low energy consumption and small volume etc, improve file read speed, reduce the boot time.

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HP SSD 120GB S600 SATAIII 2.5″ 3D NAND High Speed up to 520MB/S Internal Solid State Drive for Desktop Laptop Black

Lightweight And Small Volume
SDD features lightweight and small volume(2.5″), low power consumption, good at a fast speed of reading and writing, HP S600 can increase computer’s reaction speed and performance, save you time.

Faster Speed
Read and write speed is very fast, up to 520MB/s, far more than the mechanical hard disk, solid-state drives without the magnetic head, seek time is almost zero, continue to write speed is very fast, so, run the program of the response time can be shortened greatly.

Removable And Safe
The biggest advantage is able to move, and the data protection is not affected by power control, can adapt to the various environment, with fast read and write speed, improve the reaction of the computer speed and performance, suitable for individual users.

Excellent Shockproof Performance
The traditional hard disk is a disk type, the data stored in the disk sectors. But solid-state drives is to use flash particles, so there are no mechanical components inside SSD solid state hard drive, so that even in the high-speed move even with flip tilt also won’t affect the normal use, and in the case of collisions and shocks to minimize the possibility of data loss.

No Noise
Machinery hard disk has a machinery motor and fan, but solid-state drives without them, 0 DB noise at work, no noise, the best choice for you.

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Additional information


120GB, 250GB, 500GB


✅ Read/Write Speed: Up to 520 mb/s
✅ Style: SSD
✅ Package: Yes
✅ Nand Flash Type: TLC
✅ Item Condition: New
✅ Application: Server, Desktop, Laptop
✅ Interface Type: SATA
✅ Type: Internal
✅ Brand Name: Hp
✅ Model Number: S600
✅ Controller: Marvell
✅ HP Model: 741555-B21
✅ Size: 2.5″

Package Included:

1 x SSD

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